Accounts Payables Analytics

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A strong liquidity position is important for every company and maintaining tight control over Accounts Payable is always critical for enterprises. Some of the common challenges faced in managing Accounts Payable function include the following;

  • Keep tight cash outflow control while maintaining strong vendor relationships
  • Enable projections for use in cash flow planning.
  • Evaluate and improve vendor relationships from an AP perspective.
  • Evaluate functional transaction volumes and the impact on AP performance.
  • Productivity of the AP organization. Monitor, manage, and improve the AP process and performance of existing resources.
  • Assess Payables Analyst performance.

It becomes imperative to have an end-to-end insight that gives everyone from CFO to Executives fast, insightful, and appropriate answers to critical business questions such as the following:

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Looking to implement a robust payables analytics solution but don’t know where to start?

Accounts Receivables Analytics

Payables Analysis

  • How can we efficiently control current liabilities and calibrate cash management? What quantum of payments overdue? What is their composition by age (bucket analysis) and who are the Top 10 vendors in each age category?
  • Who are the Top 10 Outstanding Vendors for overall outstanding payment by age category and “What if Analysis” of the same on a particular future date? Ensuring prompt payments can eliminate and reduce late payment penalties while promoting strong supplier relationship.
  • Who are the Top 5 Vendor’s by spend? Can we maximize cash flow by renegotiating their terms of payments?
Accounts Receivables Analytics

Cash Management

  • Can we leverage “Predictive Analysis” in monetary terms for capitalizing discounts and analyse the impact of invoice payments at par vs paid after the due date?
  • What is the Number of High-Mid-Low value upcoming invoice by price range category? Assessment of present and future cash position is critical for effective fund management.
  • What is the forecasted outflow cash of over-due and open items in AP and their comparison with inflow of Funds in AR? Improving cash position in relation to current liabilities will improve the organization’s balance sheet liquidity.
  • Is it possible to seek higher and healthier valuation by analysing trends developed for set of period by particular due date category?
Cash Flow Management

Strategic Analysis

  • What is the Number and average value of un-reconciled Line Items ? Timely settlement of un-reconciled items and incorporating effective reconciliation management processes can reduce operating costs and lead to substantial write-offs.
  • How to capitalize on discount by controlling Total Amount of Goods Received not invoice (GRNI)?
  • Tracking and monitoring of AP functions is essential to strategically improve efficiency of underlying operations. How can we effectively analyse following performance metrics for the current year as compared to last year.
    • Percentage of accounts payables disputed to total accounts payables
    • to Percentage of accounts payables overdue to total accounts payables
    • Average time to pay
    • Average value of accounts payable disputed
    • Average value of accounts payable overdue
    • Average value of accounts payable paid
    • Average value of payable invoices outstanding
  • How to improve “first time match” by analysing the quantum of blocked payments and further by reason?
  • What is the status of DPO(Days Payable Outstanding) against the Benchmark and DSO(Days Sales Outstanding) ? Are we comfortably positioned to meet current debt obligation?
  • How to measure management effectiveness that depicts how quickly the funds on hand can be converted into even more cash? Ensure optimal AP Turn-Over ratio and reduce overall Cash Conversion Cycle.
Customer Credit Risk Management

Payables Performance Management

  • How to improve productivity of AP resources? How can we identify and remove inefficiencies in the AP workflow process?
  • What is the average number of invoices paid per accounts payable (A/P) payment?
  • What is the Loss of Discount as a percentage of purchases?
  • What is the Trend of On-Time V/s Delayed Payment which contribute to an excessive amount of management time, attention and resources being spent on a non – value added function:-
    • Reason for delay
    • Delayed Number of Invoices Received
    • Delayed Average number of line items per invoice
    • Delayed Number of Payments Made
    • Delayed Average number of invoices per payment
  • What are the Invoices processed per day/month/quarter?
  • What are the Types of Documents processed by AP Department so appropriate attention can be paid to bigger chunk?
  • How to reduce payable transaction cost by monitoring clearance made by each mode of payment and the cost incurred by each mode?
Accounts Payable Analysis

1. Payables Summary

This Accounts Payables dashboard helps analyze and manage cash outflow by providing insights on upcoming, overdue and outstanding positions.

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Accounts Payable Analysis


2.Vendor Analysis

Vendor based analysis provides insight into the top vendors with whom the organization deals with on a regular basis. Additionally, user has visibility to high-value vendors and payment terms which can be leveraged to improve financial supply chain management.

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Accounts Payable Analysis


3. AP Performance

Performance metrics show the historical trends of different metrics over a specified time frame. This gives insight into operating efficiency and cash flow pattern for the user to benchmark against future activities.

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Accounts Payable Analysis


4. Trend Analysis

Payables analysis focuses on historical as well as upcoming payables. The user can plan cash availability to meet payables in advance and avail early payment discounts. Intra group payables are shown separately to provide the user ability to plan for cash accordingly.

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