Oil & Gas Analytics

Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Analytics

As Oil and Gas enterprises continue to push technological boundaries to drive energy sustainability in the long run, the industry faces increasing risks, scrutiny and challenges on diverse fronts. Oil and Gas executives have an increasing need to streamline operations and monitor relevant Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) to ensure responsible development, promote reliable and affordable access to energy, and deliver commensurate returns to investors.

Specifically, companies across upstream, midstream and downstream environments need a robust mechanism to measure, monitor and share KPIs in real-time to optimize performance in the following areas:

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Oil and Gas Analytics - Capital and Spend Effectiveness

Capital & Spend Effectiveness

Drive efficient project portfolio management, minimize budget and timeline overruns, and optimize procurement & collaboration

  • How well are operations aligned with strategy and long-term budget plan?
  • Does the planning, building and commissioning of assets incur optimal capital spend without compromising revenue potential?
  • How mature is supplier discovery and life cycle management?
  • Does the strategic sourcing framework allow to seamlessly identify, onboard, manage, evaluate and retire suppliers?
  • Does Procurement and Order collaboration facilitate streamlined sourcing and deployment of resources?
Oil and Gas Analytics - Operational Integrity

Operational Integrity

Reduce operational risks to ensure reliability and safety

  • Does the Enterprise Risk Management & Governance process effectively monitor key risk indicators in order to ensure compliance and safety?
  • Are structural and mechanical integrity of assets monitored to ensure performance as designed?
  • Are emissions and hazardous substances managed effectively to comply with safety and environmental regulations?
Oil and Gas Analytics - Integrated Digital Oilfield Operations

Integrated Digital Oilfield Operations

Orchestrate production planning, surveillance, execution and measurement for optimal profitability

  • Do field surveillance, data capture and notification data from field applications empower enhanced production planning and operations?
  • Does the integrated planning and performance analysis process streamline engineering, production and maintenance functions for improved production up-time?
  • Are revenue, land and financial functions in upstream operations set up to enable accurate Hydrocarbon accounting and compliance?
Oil and Gas Analytics - Hydrocarbon Supply Chain

Hydrocarbon Supply Chain

Maximize on-time delivery, manage commodity risks, increase productivity and improve customer satisfaction

  • Are the commodity procurement, management and sales processes optimized to react quickly to market changes?
  • Is there insight into operational activities that enable improved refinery and plant operations?
  • Is the hydrocarbon supply chain consistently and coherently managed  from planning till settlement?
  • Are commercial sales and retailing processes streamlined to enhance profitability?

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