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Supply Chain Analytics

Prepackaged, readily-deployable KPI Visualizations

Supply Chain & Operations Analytics

Our expertise in supply chain & operations analytics covers a broad range of functions including inventory, warehousing, logistics, transportation, demand and capacity planning & management. A key highlight is our expertise in multiple, mobile-compatible, CXO-level Operations Scorecard implementations, delivering the ability to drill-down into detailed operational KPIs in with slice-and-dice and analysis capabilities.

Inventory Management

Reduce inventory costs by balancing overstock and outages effectively

Transportation & Distribution

Reduce costs through delivery efficiency, quality, accuracy

Capacity Planning

Drive operational efficiency my matching capacity with demand

Predictive Analytics

Custom solutions for forecasting, what-if and predictive analytics

Our Customer Success Stories


Integrated Inventory Analytics For A Specialty Pharma Firm

Delivered integrated inventory analytics that balanced overstock & outages and facilitated effective customer servicing

View Case Study


Supply Chain Analytics for a Pharmaceutical Major

Delivered an integrated supply chain analytics solution that delivered insights on supply chain planning, service and sourcing efficiency

View Case Study


Transportation Analytics For A Chemicals Manufacturer

Delivered a supply chain & transportation solution tracking hauler performance

View Case Study

Supply Chain Analytics JumpStart Templates

Our prebuilt supply chain & operations analytics solution provides a starting point for you to build executive visualizations quickly, rather than having to start from scratch. The solution could also be customized to meet your unique needs.


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