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BW/4HANA – Query Designer

Introduction Query designer in BW/4HANA, an Eclipse based tool-set, is a new and improved tool for working with BEx Queries. Since the BW 7.5 edition for HANA, it has been made mandatory that this tool be used to create and edit queries.  Harness the capabilities of...

SAP HANA VORA – New Engines and Use Cases

In the previous article, the purpose of VORA and its core features was explained. In this series, VORA’s new engines; Time series, Graph, and Document store engines are going to be discussed. Time Series Engines VORA’s time series engine handles data with timestamps...

Trend Analysis in Power BI

One of the features that comes with the Power BI suite of analytics tools is DAX (Data Analysis Expression). DAX provides a wide range of functionalities for Trend Analysis such as YTD, MTD, QTD etc. Yet, there is no option to restrict the trend analysis to a certain...


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