In almost all cases, there remains a gap between what enterprises want to accomplish, and what their BI platform(s) can do out-of-the-box. As a result, enterprises end up resorting to many (usually excessive) outside-the-box measures such as customization, workarounds and using additional tools. Such efforts involve a lot of time, effort & money. Some enteprises even resort to switching BI platforms to meet specific needs.
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With Visual BI’s BI Products & BI Solutions offerings, customers get more capabilities out-of-the-box, thereby getting closer to their business needs.
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Our products such as Visual BI Extensions VBX 2.0 and VBI View are good examples of out-of-the-box offerings that save a lot of costs, time & effort.

However, while it looks very simple on the image, creating this value proposition has not been easy.

As a Services-only organization in the early days, we found it quite challenging to discover our product DNA. It took us a lot of time & persistence to get our first product right. At the same time, our services engagements (ouside-the-box experience) – by putting us in close proximity to executives & decision-makers – helped us understand our customer needs & challenges better. This, in turn, helped us build better products.

Our BI services experience helped us understand customer needs & challenges better – something that helped us build better products


Where we are today

Since then, our product development & enterprise-class support capabilities have matured tremendously. In the last few days alone, we made a slew of product announcements:

1. We acquired (our very first acquisition) the Value Driver Tree product & associated IP from Dolphin Dynamics Labs.

Visual BI acquired Value Driver Tree from Dolphin Dynamics Labs

The Value Driver Tree, available as an extension to SAP Lumira Designer, addresses use cases such as business scenario modeling, planning & budgeting simulations, and enterprise performance analysis. It providees a compelling value proposition as the above use cases are of great interest to executives, LOB decision makers and CXOs. This is one capability that is highly challenging to build outside-the-box. View the demo here or check the product out in the SAP App store.
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2. VBI View is one of our products that went through a major upgrade this month. This product helps enterprises overcome challenges introduced by the use of multiple BI platforms — such as the creation of BI content silos, the need to manage multiple credentials, duplication of reporting content and limited reuse. Notably, this is one area where there has not been any proven & major outside-the-box successes till date.

We launched VBI View, a product that helps enterprises overcome challenges caused by using multiple BI platforms

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3. We are also officially launching Document Management for SAP Lumira. This product allows enterprises to document, compare, recover and manage changes to SAP Lumira Designer applications. The offering strengthens and consolidates Visual BI’s position as a market leader when it comes to SAP Lumira Designer offerings.
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Products such as Visual BI Extensions (VBX) and Document Management for SAP Lumira help us consolidate our position as a market leader in this space

4. A key upgrade to our flagship product, Visual BI Extensions (VBX 2.0) for SAP Lumira Designer, has also been released. This next generation release contains a lot of exciting new enhancements to watch out for.
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More than any one specific product or service offering, the underlying idea of empowering customers do things different from (and much better than) the established ways excites us a lot. We are confident of making this space even more interesting & better with time.

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