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Scatterplot Customization in SAP Lumira Designer

At Visual BI, we are constantly tasked with unique visualizations requested by our customers which challenge the boundaries of what is possible in standard SAP Design Studio/ SAP Lumira Designer. This often leads to a  mashup of Standard SAP Lumira Designer and Visual...

Dynamic Conditional Formatting in SAP Lumira Designer

Conditional formatting is a powerful visualization cue used in most dashboards to help the users direct their attention to things that need attention. It enables the user to add color coding and visual cues to help highlight matters of concern or attributes that...

Implementing Reference Bands in SAP Lumira Designer – Part 2

In the earlier blog we looked at Implementing Reference Bands having fixed limits in SAP Lumira Designer Now let’s look at creating Reference bands for Variable Limits.   Implementing Variable Limits Reference Band in a chart Sample Data Consider the following sample...


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