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[Tips & Tricks] 5 Handy Tooltip Customizations in SAP Lumira Designer (SAP Design Studio)

Can Tooltips be customized in SAP Lumira Designer/Design Studio? The answer is Yes! Tooltips are information display panels which are visible on hovering your pointer over one or more data points in your visualization. They are an elegant way of providing more...

Pareto Analysis in Power BI

Pareto Analysis, popularly named as the 80-20 Rule is an effective strategy to look into the relativity across the causes of a problem. There may occur scenarios in business, when 20 percentage of the group would provide 80 percentage of the major impact and 80...

Using Web Intelligence Data in SAP Lumira Designer & SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio

In this short blog, our own VP of Product Management Ingo Hilgefort introduces the new option of using a Web Intelligence report as a data source in SAP BusinessObjects Design Studio / SAP Lumira Designer 2.0


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