Cascading Prompts in HANA

Cascading prompts is a feature that is liked by many customers because it allows them to have a preview of their data through prompts before actually seeing the data. Within Business Objects, the prompt behavior is delegated to the system where the prompts are...

UDF’s in Azure Data Lake Analytics

Azure Data lake Analytics uses U-SQL language to process your data at any scale. U-SQL as such is a combination of declarative SQL with Imperative C# expression language. Through distributed compute capability of U-SQL, you can analyse massive amounts of data across...

Self-Service BI Tools – An In-Depth Comparison -Tableau vs Power BI vs Qlik Sense vs TIBCO Spotfire vs SAP Lumira vs SAP Analytics Cloud

This blog is an extension from our previous comparison of self-service BI tools. The complete finding, complied in a deck with 50+ slides, were presented online – a recording of which is available here. Which Self-Service BI tool is the best ? It is a topic that has...


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