There are several ways in which you can build KPI Tiles and KPI tile templates in an analytical dashboard/application (not just SAP Lumira). The most common method is to ‘assemble’ your own with the help of panels, text, icons, charts & alerts.

With SAP Lumira Designer, you can get quickly started with prebuilt KPI tile templates (using Visual BI’s VBX Extensions). Following are some sample designs for several scenarios such as the following:

1. Simple KPI Tile: basic outlines that show one KPI with a benchmark like the designs in Power BI and SAP Fiori. We can also include a status indicator to the side of the KPI tile.

KPI tile templates - 1

2. Metric With A Trend: designs along with the trend of the metric. We can also place the trend subtly in the background of the metric.

KPI tile templates - 2

3. KPIs With Benchmarks: designs that can incorporate different benchmarks like target and previous year value alongside alerts and trends. We can also sneak in additional metric at the bottom when required.

KPI tile templates - 3

4. With Pictograms: pictograms can be leveraged to show the split up of a metric.

KPI tile templates - 4

5. With An Explicit Call To Action: KPI Tiles can be used to jump to drill down reports or applications with the use of an explicit call to action.

KPI tile templates - 5

6. With Column Chart column chart can be included in the design along with benchmarks and alerts.

KPI tile templates - 6

7. With Spline Chart: Spline chart that is used to indicate pattern can be included in designs. Apart from a benchmark, other metrics can be included in the bottom.

KPI tile templates - 7

8. Top Members: a design that can be used to show metrics of top members along with alerts.

KPI tile templates - 8

9. Dynamic Container: a custom chart can be included within the KPI tile. Using dynamic container any chart in the application can be linked to the KPI Tile.

KPI tile templates - 9

10. Two-sided KPI tile a two-sided KPI tile can be flipped to show more information like a line chart to compare various metrics. Options to set the flip direction and a flip icon which can be set to appear on hover are available.

For latest updates and other features of KPI Template, kindly refer our latest blog on – 10 Features to enhance your KPI Tiles

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