Visual BI Extensions for SAP Lumira ® (LMX)

One Suite. For All Your Needs.

Achieve Advanced Location Analytics with Visual BI’s Extensions for SAP Lumira® (LMX)

Built specifically for SAP Lumira users, Visual BI’s visualization extensions provide an easy and cost effective way to add meaningful, multi-level visualizations to their dashboards.

Location Analytics using Visual BI Extensions for SAP Lumira (LMX)

  • Integrate your corporate information with geographic information.
  • Use over 400 maps out-of-the-box integrated with SAP Lumira – additional mapping tools not required.
  • Ease of Use – Eliminate data preparation challenges. Use your data as is.
  • Display your KPIs on a variety of different map levels – regions, countries, states, cities, street levels and more.
  • Visualize your data with different type of layers – Heat, Marker, Cluster and more.

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Advanced Interactivity

Drilldown, pan, zoom and lots more

Deeper Insights

Leverage 100+ visualization properties

Fully Integrated

Publish to SAP Lumira Desktop and SAP Lumira Server for BI Platform

400+ Map Possibilities

Add Location Analytics to your SAP Lumira Visualizations

Geographic Layering

Heat, Marker, Cluster, Choropleth and Bubble options

Improved Visualization Workflow

Access to a wider array of properties for flexibility

We know your needs. We are here to take care of them.

With our proven expertise in SAP visualization tools and our history of excellence in delivering cutting edge extension products to SAP customers, we understand your priorities and concerns. We intend to make your life simpler, so that you can focus on serving your business better.

Simplified Pricing

  • SAP Lumira Desktop license per developer / user
  • SAP Lumira Server license for unlimited developer / user (license per company)
  • No additional license for development & testing landscapes
  • Annual maintenance and support fee – 20% of List Price (includes future enhancements)

Enterprise Class Support

Visual BI’s Extensions for SAP Lumira (LMX) is supported by a dedicated and growing team of 10+ professionals with presence in both Plano, TX and India. The global footprint also ensures round-the-clock support to our customers. Not included in the above is our (much larger) team of SAP Lumira application developers, who can help you build and implement dashboards on desktop and mobile devices  (with or without LMX).

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