Modern Analytics

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Visual BI - Microsoft Gold Data Analytics Partner

Enable Insight Velocity with Big Data

Harness data sourced from online networks, web pages, audio and video devices, social media, logs and many other sources to uncover insights and patterns

Refine and tune machine learning models to boost prediction accuracy

Deliver big data solutions that can encompass “lift and shift” and “cloud-native” implementation models

Enable operational agility with enhanced telemetry management

Move beyond understanding “what happened” to “how can we achieve the best possible outcome”

Foundation to Enable Your Data Monetization Strategy


Foster a data-centric culture that blends traditional approaches to analytics with dashboards, data discovery, and other self-service capabilities with minimal impact to IT operations


Forecast what is likely to happen and prescribe actions to improve upon business outcomes by capturing detailed history at deeper levels across your assets and your customer interactions


Accelerate the data monetization journey with cognitive services and machine learning that will provide new and enhanced digital experiences and extend your reach with customers

Kickstart your Data Monetization journey with our Modern Analytics solution


Understand the business problem to form the functional and technical specifications through data discovery and architectural design


Develop machine learning models that will include data verification, pre-processing and training/testing


Deploy solution to production with performance monitoring, hyper care oversight, and customer operational readiness

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