Options to Align your EDW with SAP’s Analytics Roadmap: DW |BW on HANA | BW4HANA | S4HANA | HANA (EE/SCP)

Options to Align your EDW with SAP’s Analytics Roadmap: DW |BW on HANA | BW4HANA | S4HANA | HANA (EE/SCP)

Building a scalable forward looking Data Warehousing foundation for SAP Customers:

SAP offers a multitude of options both on the cloud and on-premise when it comes to Analytics and Data Warehousing like HANA Enterprise, S4/HANA, BW on Any Database, BW on HANA and BW/4HANA with a lot of overlap in functionality, which makes it hard to choose a tool that will help deliver an Enterprise Analytics Vision.

Attend this webinar where we walk you through various EDW strategy options used by our customers and also address questions such as :

  1. Is BW obsolete and is S4/HANA embedded analytics the future of BI?
  2. Can SAP Cloud platform replace my on-premise HANA and BW Systems?
  3. Is BW relevant in a HANA World, is BW4/HANA a merge of BW and HANA?
  4. Structured Data Marts Vs Data Lakes – where does SAP stand in this space
  5. Scalable and Effective BI Architectures – Visual BI Recommendations

This webinar is complimentary to attend. Can’t make this date? Register anyway! All registrants will be given access to the replay.

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About the presenter:

Arun Varadarajan is a Senior Manager Pre-Sales and Solutions with Visual BI. His credentials include being certified in the implementation of SAP BW. He is an SAP Mentor Alumnus, consultant, blogger, and a subject matter expert in the field of SAP BI and Enterprise BI Architecture. His background includes experience in consulting with companies to implement best practices in end-to-end enterprise BI.

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