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Value Driver Tree

Available As An Extension For SAP® Lumira Designer™

Model, Visualize and Analyze your KPIs and their relationships like never before

Visual BI’s Value Driver Tree helps executives and decision makers model, visualize and analyze various business scenarios to drive effective outcomes.

Delivered as an extension for SAP Lumira Designer, the product supports rapid prototyping and on-the-fly modeling supported by a high-performance embedded calculation engine. It enables saving and comparing various scenarios and what-if analyses.

Some Use Cases

Business Modeling

Strategic Goal Setting

Budgeting & Planning

Sensitivity Analysis

Periodic Reforecast & Variance Reporting

Executive KPI Dashboards


Visual BI’s Value Driver Tree for Dynamic Planning, Forecasting, Modeling and Simulations

Duration: 47 mins

Gopal Krishnamurthy- Founder/CEO, Visual BI Solutions and Jorgen Rasmussen- Sr. Solution Architect, Dolphin Dynamics introduce Visual BI’s Value Driver Tree.

See It In Action


  • Connects to SAP BW, HANA, BusinessObjects and flat files (CSV)
  • Model, Simulate, Save and Compare scenarios
  • High performance embedded calculation engine
  • Mobile Compatible

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