Value Driver Tree - Support

Available As An Extension For SAP® Lumira Designer™

Visual BI’s Value Driver Tree

Maintenance & Support Overview

Customers with a valid License and Support Contract for VDT stand to gain the following benefits:

  • Free upgrades to their licensed software, including major releases, minor releases and patches
  • SLA- driven support delivered by our global support team
  • Access to Support Portal ( to create, track and manage cases and escalations
  • … and more

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Support & Maintenance Policy

Visual BI shall support the two (2) latest minor releases available to customers. In case of critical issues, customer might be asked to upgrade to at least one of the two latest minor releases.

For clarity, the release versioning is as follows:

VDT Release 1.0.0 (Major release: 1, Minor release: 0, Patch Level: 0)

  • The first number (in the above example: 1) is the major release version
  • The second number (in the above example: 0) is the minor release version
  • The third number (in the above example: 0) is the patch level

Support will be provided for eligible versions of VDT operating in supported clients and platform versions. Such support will be restricted only to cases directly related to product malfunction, and shall not cover custom development, training, or other ancillary needs.

Supported Versions

Click here for details on software versions supported

Targeted Response Times For Support

Visual BI will evaluate support cases based on priority as determined by Visual BI and escalated accordingly. Targeted response times will be as per the following schedule. Note that hours mentioned are weekday business hours (9 AM to 6 PM Central Time, US).

PriorityTypeTarget Response Time
P1Critical< 4 hours
P2High< 24 hours
P3Medium< 48 hours
P4Low< 72 hours

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