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VBX Utilities – An Overview

The Utilities suite delivers a powerful set of custom print, export and presentation options.

The list of components and value-added features delivered are highlighted in the tables below.


Utility ControlsSAP Lumira DesignerVBX 1.70.0
Advanced KPI TileNEW!
Menu Component
Search Box
Script Box
Custom Label
Advanced Table
Use spreadsheets as custom data source
Export to PDF
Export to eMail
What If Analyzer
Export to PPT
Export to DOC
Trend Icon
Responsive UI Container

Feature Highlights

HighlightsSAP Lumira DesignerVBX 1.70.0
Use Dropdown Menu to navigate to KPI views in one click
Use Search Box to add search functionality to listboxes and other filters
Use HTML Box for custom snippets
Use Script Box to support your own JavaScript code
Use Advanced Table to perform enhanced actions
Use a KPI Tile to showcase important measures
Use the What If Analyzer to create scenarios in your dashboard

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