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VBX Installation Guide

VBX Utilities – Advanced KPI Tiles

VBX – Hierarchical Filter

VBX – Data Utility

VBX Specialty Charts – Gantt Chart

VBX Listbox

VBX Charts – Trellis Chart

VBX Utilities – Responsive UI

VBX Utilities – Advanced Table

VBX Charts – Waterfall Chart Enhancements

VBX Charts – Stylesheets – New features

VBX Selectors – Facet Filter – New features

VBX Charts – Custom data label & tooltip – New features

VBX – Using Web Service as Data Source

VBX Charts – Context menu – New features

HighMap Open Document Integration

VBX Export Options

VBX HighMap Drill Down

VBX Chart Conditional Formatting

VBX Excel as Data Source

VBX Facet Filter

VBX Charts Color Assignment

VBX Time Period Selector

VBX Drill Down Charts

VBX Accounts Payables Dashboard

VBX Accounts Receivables Dashboard

Sales Performance Analysis Dashboard

VBX Spend Analytics Dashboard

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