SAP Lumira Discovery helps connect people with data by empowering users with easy self-service access to data discovery capabilities. It lets users acquire, manipulate and visualize any data in a few easy steps using its drag and drop interface, and also allows you to extend the power of this data discovery process by allowing data and visualizations to be shared in the cloud.

At Visual BI our experts can help you embark on your data discovery journey through our end-to-end SAP Lumira Discovery Services.

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Assess whether SAP Lumira Discovery is the right tool for your data exploration needs. Evaluate architecture of choice and perform sizing assessments.

Quick Start - SAP Lumira

Quick Start your data discovery journey using our ‘Five Day’ Enablement Program.


Integrate with disparate sources including Excel files, source systems, data warehouses, HANA, social media data.

Storytelling with Data

Tap into the power and potential of your data using our design-led approach to communicate more effectively through visualizations that are more meaningful and actionable.


Empower your business users with our onsite or remote hands-on training program.

Featured Webinar

Tableau vs. Power BI vs. SAP Analytics Cloud vs. SAP Lumira - A Deep Dive

Tableau vs. Power BI vs. SAP Analytics Cloud vs. SAP Lumira – A Deep Dive

Duration: 58 mins

Watch the webinar that evaluates Self Service BI options from SAP, Microsoft and Tableau. Provides a strategic and tactical comparison across tool features & functions.

Empower your business – End-to-End SAP Lumira Discovery Services

Our Visualization Experts help customers tap into their data and effectively analyze and communicate through storyboards or infographics developed using SAP Lumira Discovery.
Our end-to-end Lumira consulting services include

  • SAP Lumira Discovery Server Installation and Configuration
  • StoryBoards/Infographic Design that helps accelerate decision making process
  • Custom visualizations
  • User training to increase self-service BI adoption.

And much more…

Agility and Enhanced Visualization with SAP BusinessObjects Lumira 2.0

SAP Lumira 2.0 emerged from the convergence of SAP Lumira and Design Studio. While this advancement in SAP’s roadmap continues to exist as two desktop clients viz. Lumira Discovery and Lumira Designer, they will be connected to a single server add-on.

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