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5-Day QuickStart Package For SAP Design Studio

Deliver your first executive application in five (5) days

Building great dashboards is not just about the technology. It starts with understanding the requirements, building user stories and making the right visualization choices to deliver a very compelling user experience. Our experts can help you address all these, while helping you launch your first executive application using SAP Design Studio.

Deliver your first application in five (5) days

Quickly assess if SAP Design Studio is right for you

Fully functional production dashboard

Deliver interactive visualizations using your own data

No strings attached

Delivered with knowledge transfer & end user documentation

They are able to develop dashboard prototypes rapidly and are able to quickly build functionality around a basic concept

Director of Financial Systems

An Acute Rehab Care Provider

Visual BI’s responsiveness and capabilities have amazed me

Director of Business Systems

An Oil & Gas Drilling Firm

While other vendors had a particular area of expertise, like charting or utility, only Visual BI offered the broad spectrum of Design Studio add-on capabilities I wanted

BI Development Lead

An Automotive Retailer

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Join Ingo hilgefort as he provides an overview on the Visual BI Extension for SAP Lumira 2.0 (VBX)

Tuesday April 25, 2017 09:00 A.M. EST
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