At Visual BI, we believe in the power of self-service BI to transform the way enterprises make decisions one user at a time. With a robust track record in building engaging visualizations for executives, and with a holistic approach to Business Intelligence & Analytics, our experts can deliver end-to-end Tableau services ranging from assessments, configuration, installation, data integration, visualization, training and maintenance.

In addition, our extensive knowledge of industries and domains, we can help your users kickstart self-service adoption by leveraging pre-defined storyboards and KPI frameworks. We help you evaluate, configure, deploy and maintain Tableau products based on your business & strategic requirements. 

End-to-End Tableau Offerings

End-to-End Tableau Offerings

We help you delve deep into your data needs and create a clear roadmap, from Proof of Concepts through Implementation & Maintenance.

Integration with SAP BI/BW/HANA

Integration with SAP BI/BW/HANA

Experience tableau in action by reporting on data from your enterprise DW systems.

End User Training

End User Training

Get specialised training from basic to advanced level with best practice guidelines which will empower you from a tableau beginner to veteran level. 



Assess whether Tableau is the right tool for your need, and evaluate fitment with your information architecture. Drive proof of concepts to ensure ROI and successful adoption.

Rapid Enablement

Accelerate your deployment and empower your users to make data-driven decisions in few days.


Integrate with disparate sources including Excel files, data warehouses, source systems, HANA, BW on HANA, and social media. Leverage our best practices for Tableau connectivity with HANA and BW on HANA.


Leverage predictive modeling using Tableau-R integration to anticipate outcomes, take preemptive actions, and drive optimal decisions.

'Engaging' Visualizations

Drive self-service consumption of BI in your organization where users engage in data discovery and create engaging visualizations on the fly.


Empower your business users with personalized training in Tableau, using your own data.

Our experts can help you with

  • Needs vs. Capability Gap analysis  
  • End-to-end Enterprise Tableau Deployment 
  • Integrating Tableau with On-Premise databases and cloud data warehouses like Snowflake, Redshift etc
  • Cost management Editions and Licensing based on your needs 
  • Advanced Analytics with Tableau Alteryx, R or Python
  • End-user Training 
  • Integration with your enterprise/intranet portal 
  • Best practices for ongoing operations 
  • Tableau integration with SAP BW / SAP HANA  


Featured Case-Study

Enterprise Grade Analytics using SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) & Tableau

  • Performed in-depth review of Customer’s BI Architecture
  • Implemented SAP Solution aligned with the customer’s BI Strategy and Roadmap
  • Installed and configured Smart Data Integration (SDI) and SAP Cloud Connectors
Emerging BI Trends

Tableau – SAP BW/HANA Integration

Our experts can help bring real time visualization for your business data locked away in SAP by leveraging the best practices in integrating Tableau with SAP BW/SAP HANA. Use our SAP In-house Integration expertise to :

  • Discover hidden insights buried in vast amounts of SAP data through faster data access and intuitive visualizations using Tableau.
  • Integrate data readily from SAP and external non-SAP sources using Tableau reducing IT dependency and enable better and agile decision making with a holistic view of all data.
  • Reduce your costs and achieve faster decision cycles by providing business users on demand access to the right information as needed and the ability to customize content in Tableau without having to go through long development cycles.

Unlock the power of your data – Tableau end-to-end consulting services

Our Visualization Experts will help deliver solutions built on Tableau that enable better storytelling and communicate more effectively to make decision making easier. Our end-to-end Tableau consulting services include

  • Tableau Server Installation and Configuration
  • Visualization Best Practices using Tableau
  • Enterprise Portal Integration
  • Data Integration Strategy
  • User Training
  • … and more

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Featured Webinar

A deep dive session on Tableau

Duration: 59 mins

In this webinar we will focus on products of Tableau, it’s data preparation and analytics capabilities and evaluate its features with that of other leading BI tools.

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