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SAP BW Upgrade Toolkit

Now Featuring BW Test Accelerator

Upgrades Made Simpler

The BW Upgrade Toolkit delivers simplicity, velocity and reliability to the upgrade process through the following:

  • Pre-upgrade system readiness checklist
  • Pre- and Post-upgrade activity checklists
  • Test plan templates & test scripts for pre- and post-upgrade testing
  • SAP BW Upgrade Test Accelerator for an efficient upgrade process
  • Validation of authorization & access rights before and after upgrade
  • Validation of object consistency, query performance & data integrity

Reduce production downtime

Reduces downtime in BW production post Go-Live


Enhance test coverage through automation

Comprehensive testing of critical & highly adopted BW objects

Minimize development freeze

Fewer interruptions during upgrades in DEV and Quality

Now Featuring BW Upgrade Test Accelerator

The SAP BW upgrade kit includes an automated ABAP-based Test accelerator that accomplishes the following:

  • Increased Efficiency: Accelerate BW upgrade & time to go-live
  • Automated Testing: Execute query reporting outputs
  • Regression Testing: Validate your functionalities across landscapes
  • Stress Testing: Test high volumes of data for performance
  • Accuracy: Eliminate human error in testing

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The migration to SAP HANA allowed us to keep our data warehouse and analytics environment untouched while gaining a tremendous performance advantage


Upstream Oil & Gas Company

Success Story: 57x Efficiency

The BW Test Accelerator automatically executes all BEx reports and uploads query output to the application server pre- and post-migration. It then compares the output files, and provides areas where the results do not match.

Using this approach, one of our customers who migrated to SAP BW on HANA was able to test 186 reports within 35 minutes – something that would have taken at least a week’s time (a highly conservative estimate). Not only did the toolkit achieve it under record time, but the results were 100% reliable and accurate, which helped the team focus on other important aspects of migration.

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Learn how the toolkit can reduce production downtime, minimize development freezes, and enhance your upgrade process.


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