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SAP Lumira Designer

This instructor-led, custom SAP Lumira Designer training & workshops have been designed for enterprises that aim to train their BI Developers and Power Users in SAP Lumira Designer. The program typically lasts 2-4 days, and is offered in two formats:

  • Training: A slightly longer format at your own workplace customized to suit your needs
  • Workshop: Prescheduled sessions conducted in different cities where you have the option to learn along with industry peers

At the end of the SAP Lumira Designer training / workshop, participants will be able to

  • Understand the role of SAP Lumira Designer in the overall SAP BI portfolio
  • Create compelling and interactive dashboards and BI applications
  • Serve business needs effectively with deeper exposure and training in Lumira Designer’s features and functionalities

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SAP Lumira Designer Training Customers

Course Details


Role of SAP Lumira Designer in SAP BI Portfolio
Developer Environment
Deployment Options
Creating Your First Lumira Designer Dashboard

Using Containers & Components
Crosstab and charts
InfoCharts and Chart Picker
Pagebook Filter & Navigation Panel
PopUp component
Using a Grid Layout and ListBox

Interactivity Through Scripting
Cascading Stylesheets (CSS)
Scripting & Interactivity
Data binding options
Using Global Scripts

Additional Features
Context Menu
Exporting Information
Advanced options for Data Sources
Creating a KPI dashboard

Exploring Possibilities Through Extensions
Choropleth Map
What If Analyzer
Drill Down Charts
Period Selector
Overview of VBX Extensions


Personalization & Online Composition
Personalization and Bookmarks
Bookmark Folders
Online Composition
Enhancing the Online Composition Application

Location Analytics Using Maps
Shape Layer
Marker Layer
Bubble Chart Layer
Pie Chart Layer
Scripting for Maps

Performance Optimization
Using Backend Connection Component
Merging Variables
Background Processing
Loading Data On-Demand
Parallel Processing

Handling Business Use Cases
Using Report Report Interface

Frequently Asked Questions

Which SAP Lumira Designer releases are supported?

The training is usually delivered for the most recent release of SAP Lumira Designer. We can also cater to older versions(SAP Design Studio 1.6 and before) if you need to.

What are the prerequisites?

There are no prerequisites for the training.

Does the training program cover VBX Extensions for SAP Lumira Designer?

Yes, we do cover an overview of Visual BI’s VBX Extensions for SAP Lumira Designer. This can be covered in-depth if required.

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