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SAP Lumira Discovery


Visual BI’s custom training* is designed for enterprises that aim to empower Business & Power Users in SAP Analytics Cloud.

Custom Training: A slightly longer format at your own workplace customized to suit your needs, including connecting to your data sources and building additional storyboards


At the end of the SAP Lumira Discovery session, participants will be able to:

  • Connect to multiple sources (Files/SAP/SQL/Cloud) and enrich the data further based on business needs
  • Create interactive charts, maps, and infographics to convey information efficiently
  • Share business insights with others locally or by integrating with the BIP

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*Visual BI is not a SAP Training partner and this is not official SAP Education content.
*This is Visual BI Proprietary training material that provides customized training content for enterprise
*This Customized Training is provided only for enterprise customers and not to individual consultants or SI organizations.

Why Train With Visual BI?

1-2 Days of dedicated customized training at customer site


Training customized to your organisational needs in their environment


Cache period to reach out for questions post session


Integrated custom training with SAP Lumira Designer


SAP Lumira Discovery Custom Training Customers

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Course Details


Excel, Text, Clipboard (basic hands on exercise)
SAP: HANA, BW, Universe (part of workshop)
Freehand SQL, Big Data (advanced)


Merging and Appending Data
Editing/Cleansing Data
Building Custom, Date and Geo Hierarchy
Calculated Measures and Dimensions
Formatting Values and Grouping


Using Geo Maps
Formatting Charts
Leverage Linked and Ad-Hoc Analysis
One-Click Sorting and Conditional Formatting
Perform Running Calculations


Building Dynamic Storyboards
Use Hyperlink Navigations
Changing Text and Visualization Properties
Data Driven Infographics


Publishing on Local and SAP BI platform
Datasets Export Options
Print as PDF document
Mail or Save As Clipboard Image


Hands-on with Client Datasources
Publishing to SAP BI Platform
Interoperability with Lumira Designer
Best Practices in Self Service BI
Tips and Tricks !

Frequently Asked Questions

Which SAP Lumira Discovery releases are supported?

The custom training is usually delivered for the most recent release of SAP Lumira Discovery. We can also cater to older versions(SAP Lumira 1.31 and before) if you need to.

What are the prerequisites?

An understanding of Basic Excel is sufficient for this training.

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