About Visual BI

Look Forward. Think Ahead.

Our Purpose

At Visual BI, our purpose is to enable innovation and challenge the way business is run. Through innovative technology products and out-of-the-box thinking in our consultative engagements, we:

  • Enable clients to access actionable insights that result in positive business impacts
  • Empower companies to take action and run their business better
  • Enhance past, present and future business visibility

Our Passion

At Visual BI, we are relentless innovators. Our unyielding passion to deliver innovative technology and intellectually superior consulting makes it possible for our clients to look forward and think ahead. Whether we are working on dashboard for a client or developing new technology, we are always creating based on the premise of how what we are delivering will allow the client achieve hindsight, insight, and foresight.

Our Vision

Our vision is to become one of the leading firms worldwide in terms of brand recall & excellence in the field of Business Intelligence & Analytics. We aim to achieve this by

  • Driving successful BI adoption in organizations
  • Delivering insightful BI solutions that are Faster, Better and Innovative 
  • Enriching the experience of employees, partners and customers alike
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Why do we stand out?

Gopal Krishnamurthy, Founder and CEO of Visual BI Solutions, explains why they’re not just another brick in the wall.

Our History of Growth

 Our Partners

Visual BI Solutions - Our Partners - SAP, MongoDB, TIBCO Spotfire, Tableau

Our People

We are who we are due to the individuals that make Team Visual BI. We don’t think in terms of “What do we need to deliver?” we think in terms of “How can we over-deliver?” This is our DNA.

Coming from diverse backgrounds and armed with a multitude of experiences, we are united by a passion and drive to excel.

Meet Our Team

Visual BI Solutions - Our People

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