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Downstream operations in the oil and gas industry include oil refineries, petrochemical plants, fuel products distributors, and retail outlets, as well as specialty manufacturers and distributors. Thousands of products are provided downstream including: gasoline, diesel, jet fuel, heating oil, asphalt, lubricants, synthetic rubber, plastics, fertilizers, antifreeze, pesticides, natural gas, and propane. Refined products and natural gas are transported by various means to distribution points for consumption.

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Looking to implement a robust analytics solution for oil and gas but don’t know where to start?

Oil and Gas industry executives increasingly lean towards business intelligence analytics solution to answer questions such as the following:

Impact Analysis

Impact Analysis

  • How can we analyze and compare the production of different types of products produced across the globe?
  • Which critical safety tasks are carried out in the refineries/plants and which are not carried out safely?
  • How can we track the effectiveness of various maintenance activities across the refineries?
Vendor Spend

Vendor Spend

  • Who are our top vendors by overall spend and by category?
  • What is our spend by category, vendor, geography, legal entity, material group or other relevant dimensions? How do they compare against the budgets?
  • What are the top spend categories? How have they fared against budgets and over time?
  • What are the critical spend categories?
Global KPI dashboard

1. Global KPI dashboard

Global KPI dashboard provides an in-depth look at major KPIs in areas of Production, Safety, Maintenance, Environmental and Economics for all the refineries/plants spread across the globe. Monthly/quarterly/yearly comparison and analysis can be done as required.

Vendor Spend Analysis

2. Vendor Spend Analysis

Analyze spend by time period, vendor, plant, material group and contract type across all regions. The top ten vendors and the Spend amount and Spend percentage are also listed by material group and contract status for the selected plant for a particular time period.

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