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Oil and Gas executives require a robust analytics solution to monitor Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that ensure pipeline integrity and safety. Proactive monitoring of these metrics enhances accountability and drives operational transparency. VisualBI’s Oil and Gas Analytics solution covers Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for Pipeline Integrity Management, and delivers dashboards with high interaction and visualization capabilities.

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Looking to implement a robust analytics solution for oil and gas but don’t know where to start?

Pipeline Integrity – PHMSA Metrics

1. Pipeline Integrity – PHMSA Metrics

  • The Pipeline & Hazardous Materials Safety Administration (PHMSA) view provides complete visibility to the company’s PHMSA KPIs.
  • This view showcases trends in total on/offshore gas transmission miles, miles of HCA pipes, leaks/failures, immediate repairs and scheduled repairs.
  • Charts also highlight the proportion of total and HCA miles that are inspected.
  • Finally, the number of time dependent, time independent and stable incidents over the last 5 years are also shown.
OSHA Injuries and Vehicle accidents view

2. OSHA Injuries and Vehicle accidents view

  • Company’s safety performance can be measuring and evaluated with KPIs provided in this view.
  • This view displays long term and short term trends in total recordable injury rate (TRIR), Days Away Restricted Time (DART) and vehicle accidents.
  • These metrics are compared against industry averages gathered from Bureau of Labor statistics.
Pipeline incidents and releases

3. Pipeline incidents and releases

  • Pipeline incident and release view displays gauges that provide a snap shot of the cumulative pipeline incidents and spill rates for rolling 12 month and 3 year period.
  • Spill rates are provided in barrels spilled per mile and spill per billions of barrels. Number of incidents are shown per 1000 miles as well as per billions of barrels.
MPI and Incidents

4. MPI and Incidents

MPI (Management Performance Indicator) view provides complete visibility to the company’s KPIs for managing Environment Health and Safety (EHS). This view includes trend charts and triangles for lost time injury frequency (LTIFR), Total recordable injury rate (TRIFR) and fatalities rate. Total fatalities and associated Financial impact metrics are displayed on the bottom right corner.

Lost time due to injury

5. Lost time due to injury

Statistical KPIs related to Water Quality are showcased in this view. This view enables users to analyze lost time and production metrics against expenditure incurred.

Permit Violations

6. Permit Violations

  • List the wells within certain variance range and amount.
  • Flexibility to adjust the variance range and amount based on different CAPEX variables.

With limited in-house resources, we needed a turnkey solution for the installation and configuration of a BI server. In a matter of days, we were providing executives quick and easy access to their data.

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