Best Practices for Installing Tableau on Azure

Azure is one of the widely used Cloud Providers and a lot of companies use Azure for their Computing as well as Data Processing needs. Running Tableau on Azure gives a lot of benefits like Scalability, Performance and easy access to the Azure Data Sources. Tableau...

Window functions in Tableau

Window functions are among the very useful inbuilt functions of Tableau. Comparative analysis is one of the key areas where window functions are helpful. There are many window functions like window_max, window_min, window_Avg, etc. In this blog let’s look at an...

CDS Views with Key Column

In this blog, we will cover some use cases and OData exposure of CDS Views created with Key column. You can find our other blogs on CDS here. Code Push Down in ABAP applications is enabled by CDS Views, which are an extension of the ABAP Dictionary. ABAP CDS provides...

CDS Views – Introduction

This is an introductory blog on Core Data Services and CDS Views. You can find our other blogs on CDS here. SAP HANA is more than just a database system. Hence there is the need for a change in the programming approach, so as to fully utilize the advantages that an...

Email Notifications in Azure

Email notifications are crucial to ensure the health of your Azure environment and processes. Azure supports email notifications to send alerts that monitor its resources and events. There are numerous methods in Azure to send email alerts. Below are a few common...


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