Visual BI Solutions, a leading provider of business intelligence and analytics solutions took part in the Rocky Mountain Energy Summit 2014 presented by Colorado Oil & Gas Association., held at the Colorado Convention Center, August 4th through August 7th 2014, in Denver Colorado.

RME Summit 2014

Visual BI was a participant and exhibitor at the conference. In keeping with its usual focus, Visual BI endeavored to share its thought leadership in the BI and Analytics space with a very strong presence in the Oil and Gas space.

About RME Summit 

Rocky Mountain Energy Summit is renowned for delivering thought-provoking and progressive content and offering the best networking opportunity in the Rockies even after 25 years. Unlike for-profit industry conferences, all monies raised by the conference go back to the industry in the form of legislative, legal, and grassroots efforts that are at the core of COGA’s mission.

The Energy Summit will provide you with data, tools, and resources for our collective trek onward and upward. The Energy Expedition at the 26th Annual RME Summit requires a wholly collaborative, yet agile oil and gas industry, committed to responsible policy, effective public engagement, and exemplary environmental stewardship.

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About Visual BI

Visual BI is among the globe’s fastest-growing firms focused exclusively on providing business intelligence and analytics solutions. Based in Texas, Visual BI utilizes a KPI-driven, high-performance architecture that is agile, mobile and intuitive. Visual BI’s solutions are utilized by companies all over in driving BI strategy resulting in wider BI adoption.

Visual BI offers comprehensive, end-to-end BI services, including real-time BI, self-service BI, mobile BI, and decision and predictive analytics. Visual BI is unique in employing an innovative user-driven, top-down approach in the development of BI solutions. The result is on-target solutions that enable each client company to realize the greatest possible ROI from their BI investment.

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