During the recent SAPPHIRE NOW and ASUG Annual Conference, in Orlando, Florida, Christopher Ames, Director of Business Systems – Precision Drilling Corporation shared their experience of how they leveraged Visual BI’s expertise in analytics and the capability of SAP® BusinessObjects™ Design Studio to build an analytics application that monitors their field operations.

“What we do with SAP Design Studio with Visual BI and some of their extension products is take a mass of data, hundreds and thousands of data points and we rub these data points together to generate exceptions that the business can take action on immediately.

Running a business like ours, we have around 300 rigs around the world. With that we can generate reports that can tell the business, I can look at 100 rigs at once and see if they are running optimally.”

Precision Drilling is the largest drilling rig contractor in Canada. The Company provides the equipment, personnel and support services for customers, which enable drill, complete and workover onshore wells for conventional and unconventional crude oil and natural gas exploration and production.

With their operations having expanded globally, it is imperative to effectively utilize analytics for optimizing their business operations worldwide.

Watch the video to learn how Precision Drilling is using analytics to gain visibility into their business and to proactively identify outliers and reduce losses.

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