BI platform 4.2 comes with lots of improvements like new semantic layer features and improved data source connectivity with New data sources support. Lets have a quick look at few of them:

  • Sets and Set Filters

Sets is the pre-defined complex query filter designer at Business layer level. Sets can be exported to the repository and the set filter is applied as and when you use the associated universe for creation of reports against the universe. As of now, only the following databases are supported for Sets:

  2. IBM Netezza
  3. SQL Server
  4. Oracle
  • Bulk UNX conversion

You can convert multiple .unv universes to .unx universes in a single iteration. This reduces manual efforts to convert each .unv universe, thereby improving universe conversion experience.

BusinessObjects Platform 4.2 unx Conversions

  • New SQL Generation Parameter (NO_NULL_YIELDS_IN_SUBQUERY)

By using the NO_NULL_YIELDS_IN_SUBQUERY, Columns without NULL values are included for filters based on a sub-query. By default, the value will be NULL.

  • Consuming numeric objects with a higher precision

Now you can have numeric values with high precision (15-40 digits).

BusinessObjects Platform 4.2 Numeric values High precision

  • Enhancement in Linked Universe capability
    • Copying a Business Layer view core into a linked Business Layer
    • Copying a Data Foundation view core into a linked Data Foundation
    • Repairing a linked universe when the core universe is missing
  • Enhanced Sample Universe universes

Now we have .unx version of the efashion universe along with a sample warehouse universe (SPL_Warehouse.unx) to play around and explore the new features.

  • Updated network layer for each database support

We now have improved connectivity for each data access

  1. HANA
  • Multi-tenant is supported for SAP HANA connections
  • HANA SPS10 Support
  1. BW

We now have BEx authored universes where you can create a universe on top of a BEx query. Please note the universe again uses the BICS connectivity and is supported only for Single Source.

BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.2 BW

  1. Big Data Connectivity

Improved support for Major big data players

  • Hadoop Hive 0.14
  • Cloudera Impala – CDH 5.2 (0.13 and 0.14)
  • Amazon EMR Hive 0.13
  • Apache Spark (JDBC and ODBC)

BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.2 Big Data Connectivity

  1. Enhanced Data Sources support (OData 2.0 , XML documents & Web services with WSDL 1.1)

BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.2 Enhanced Data Sources

Looking for more reasons to update to SAP BusinessObjects BI Platform 4.2? Then this blog is for you.

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