A great dashboard helps users identify trends, outliers and exceptions easily. Often, extravagant dashboard design with the whole hullaballoo of charts and fancy components overshadow critical data points and valuable information. One simple and straightforward way to meet the objective is by using Blinking Alerts (even though this should be used sparingly).

Download Tutorial – Implementing Active Alerts for SAP Dashboards

Our challenge was to highlight the commonly overlooked components/data such as,

  • Refresh or submit button to activate changes,
  • Connection refresh button,
  • Minute changes in alerts that need to be noted,
  • Very small areas in maps or a small column chart

The human eye tends to catch blinking lights with a static backdrop easily and so the user’s attention is drawn towards the alert.

For example the P&L simulator dashboard enables users to perform elaborate what-if analysis and evaluate the impact of changes in projected sales growth and % of sales on the proforma income statement.

Here, a blinking alert is enabled when present year’s net income becomes less than that of last year’s. Blinking alert draws attention towards this critical information and ensures that it’s not missed

Get the tutorial to learn how to implement blinking alerts in SAP Dashboards.

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