Publishing SAP Dashboards on Mobile BII’ve been exploring SAP Dashboards on Mobile BI for a while now, and I set out to compile compatibility features of the tool on Mobile BI version 5.0.5 on iPad 2. Note that quite a few features that are unsupported today are expected to be supported in the future.

What features of SAP Dashboards are generally not supported by SAP Mobile BI?

  • Components (a detailed list of compatible components can be seen in the ‘Mobile Only’ view in the Components pane): Maps, Calendar, History, Local Scenario, Trend icon, Source Data, Trend Analyzer, Print, Reset, Grid, and certain other UI components
  • Fonts other than those with suffix IOS 5+, Windows 8 and Android
  • Chart Properties: Enable run-time tools, range slider, fixed label size, certain fill and border options, logarithmic scale, etc. are not supported
  • Alerts (except for icon, scorecard and single value components)
  • Entry effects, sound and animation (except chart animations)
  • Mouse-over interaction (tablets do not have a mouse-over event)
  • Adjustable limits for gauge and sliders
  • … and more


With the arrival of SAP Dashboards 4.1 SDK, we can soon expect custom add-on components to be available in mobile devices.

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