If you wonder about the limits of business intelligence and/or ability of SAP to deliver intelligent data, go no further. VisualBI has brought to life a simple scenery that we witness everyday, as a model for futuristic BI i.e., Analytics without numbers / tables / charts

Click here to view a simulation that has been designed using SAP Dashboards a.k.a Xcelsius

With ever shrinking attention span of the human mind, future Analytics will have to predict business outcomes and support auto-piloted decision-making, much like the above traffic simulator.

Big Data will continue to get bigger, but the thirst for Real-Time Intelligence @ the executive suite is the one that needs immediate attention. SAP has recognized this need and has delivered next generation analytics enablers like HANA, Visual Intelligence and Predictive Analysis. We at Visual BI would be following up with several technical blogs on how to quench this executive thirst for intelligent data.

– With contributions from Fazith Ali, Vijay Mohan and Bala Siddharthan.

– With special Thanks to Jayme Smithers (SAP).

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