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SAP Analytics Cloud (SAC) is the cloud offering from SAP’s analytics portfolio and primarily focuses on Data-Discovery and Self-Service capabilities as part of Business Intelligence (BI). It also offers Planning, Predictive and Embedded application features. The high-level architecture of SAP Analytics Cloud on the SAP Cloud Platform (SCP) can be seen below.

Adapting to SAP Analytics Cloud for Hybrid Data-Discovery

For more information and quick references on SAC, please refer to https://visualbistage.wpengine.com/blogs/sap-analytics-cloud/sap-analytics-cloud-quick-reference-resource-list-updated/

Note: A the replay to the detailed webinar on the above-mentioned topic is available here .

Data Integration

SAC supports hybrid data connectivity by supporting both cloud and on-premise systems. They can be classified as follows,

  • Import: SAP, non-SAP, Flat Files, Cloud Applications
  • Live: SAP HANA, BW, Universe, S/4HANA

The following diagram represents the different options and modes of connectivity,

Adapting to SAP Analytics Cloud for Hybrid Data-Discovery

Features and Functionality

The most important features of the tool are:

  • BI: Model, Story, Security
  • Planning: Allocation, Value Driver, Events
  • Predictive: Smart Discovery, Grouping, Insights
Adapting to SAP Analytics Cloud for Hybrid Data-Discovery

The other unique features of the tool are:

  • Digital Boardroom
  • Fiori based application styling
  • Pre-built business content
  • IBCS Certification
  • Mobile BI with responsive UI
  • Collaboration
  • Alerts and notifications in iOS
  • Comments

Pricing and Licensing

SAC is based on a subscription licensing model with the following pricing:

  • Trial: 30-day free trial with basic flat file connectivity
  • BI: Complete data integration with predictive features
  • Planning: BI capabilities along with predictive functionality
  • Digital Boardroom: Separate licensing apart from BI license
  • Enterprise: Custom licensing for organizations with more than 20 users
Adapting to SAP Analytics Cloud for Hybrid Data-Discovery

Hybrid SAP BI Roadmap: On-premise and Cloud

SAP’s convergence strategy for Hybrid BI adoption is covered in the blog below,


Adapting to SAP Analytics Cloud for Hybrid Data-Discovery

The following tools would be the focus for future BI use cases,

Adapting to SAP Analytics Cloud for Hybrid Data-Discovery

Common questions among customers,

  • When would I use Lumira Discovery vs Analytics Cloud?
  • Why are there two tools offering the same BI functionalities?
  • Does SAC offer all functionalities of Discovery?

We have covered detailed comparison in the blog Data Discovery in SAP : Lumira Discovery vs Analytics Cloud 

Adapting to SAP Analytics Cloud for Hybrid Data-Discovery

Transition Strategy and Decision Tree

Based on the above analysis, we would recommend organizations to plan on a long-term transition strategy as shown below:

Adapting to SAP Analytics Cloud for Hybrid Data-Discovery
  • Migrate to SAP Lumira Designer: Leverage the interoperability feature in Lumira 2.x to convert the mature storyboards and LUMX documents from Lumira Discovery to Designer. This would maintain a single version of truth and leverage your investments in BIP.
  • Adopt SAP Analytics Cloud: Train the end users on the delta features of SAC and start all new developments using the cloud-based tool. Leverage the Cloud Extension Policy and Hybrid BI platform to maximize on the licenses exchange.

This is purely from the data-discovery and self-service point of view of the end user. Organizations would need to further investigate other factors like migration costs, change in infrastructure and licensing terms with their SAP AE.

For more information on best practices on training and implementation of SAP Lumira Discovery and SAP Analytics Cloud, click here.

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