This is part of the SAP Lumira Discovery blog series.

SAP Lumira Discovery provides lot of data preparation options when you import the data.

Upon acquisition, SAP Lumira Discovery converts the data into a flat file structure (rows and columns). This makes it easier to combine data across multiple sources.

Once you complete the data acquisition, select the DataView option.

Data Preparation in SAP Lumira Discovery

Here, you would see the tabular data with following options:

Data Preparation in SAP Lumira Discovery
  1. Save – Save the document to the local repository or the BI Platform
  2. New Dataset – Ability to Import a combination of different data sources
Data Preparation in SAP Lumira Discovery
Note: Live connections have been disabled as data preparation options are available only for ‘imported’ data

3. Refresh – Perform a manual data refresh
4. Undo – Same as the generic Undo function
5. Redo – Same as the generic Redo function
6. Create Calculations – Option to create custom measures and dimensions
7. Merge Datasets – Perform simple joins (inner or left outer join) by adding columns
8. Append Datasets – Perform simple union by adding more rows of data
9. Link Datasets – Perform data blending
10. Grid – Detailed row level information
11. Facet – Summarized view of the information
12. Export as File – Option to export data as Excel or CSV
13. Measures – List of numeric field that can be aggregated. Upon right clicking a measure, we would get the following options as shown.

Data Preparation in SAP Lumira Discovery

14 .Dimensions – Fields in the columns which can be character, numeric, geo, date or time fields. Upon right clicking a dimension, we would get the following options (changes a bit based on the data type)

Data Preparation in SAP Lumira Discovery

15. Data Sources – List of all data sources

16. Dataset – List of all the measures and dimensions

17. Summary – Summary view of the data

In the subsequent series of SAP Lumira Discovery blogs, we shall see how to combine data from multiple sources, concatenate strings, build hierarchies, define custom groups, derive custom dimensions and measures, use formulae and more.

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