This is part of the SAP Lumira Discovery blog series.

Self-Service BI involves end users creating their own queries, analysis and visualizations on the underlying data and sharing these with others, with minimal IT involvement.

SAP Lumira Discovery is the on-premise Self-Service BI tool in SAP’s BI portfolio (outlined below) that facilitates data discovery, visualization and analysis.

SAP Lumira Discovery – An Overview
The SAP BI Portfolio (Source: SAP)

Among the tools in the SAP BI portfolio, SAP Lumira Discovery is the only tool that is positioned to handle all 5 aspects of Self Service BI (Acquisition, Preparation, Visualization, Exploration & Collaboration) as depicted below.

SAP Lumira Discovery – An Overview
The Self-Service BI Workflow

In the Self-Service BI market, there are a wide variety of tools today that support a similar workflow as outlined above. Following are some key features that make SAP Lumira Discovery stand out from the rest of the Self Service BI tools such as Tableau, Qliksense and Power BI:

  1. Best connectivity to SAP data sources (SAP HANA, BW, BusinessObjects Universe)
    • SAP Lumira Discovery provides live data connectivity to SAP HANA and BW through superior BICS data services, compared to MDX connectivity used by other tools
    • Provides direct and managed connection (via SAP BI platform) to SAP HANA and BW
    • Supports and extends most BEx and HANA backend features & configurations during live connectivity
    • Also supports data import functionality for SAP HANA, BW, ECC and Universe to provide flexible data preparation options
    • Single-Sign On (SSO) can be easily configured for the SAP data sources
    • Tight Integration and connectivity to next generation applications like S/4HANA, BW4HANA, and SAP HANA Vora
    • Security framework configured with SAP BW, SAP HANA, BO Universe (e.g. row level security) is reused – thereby promoting data governance and single version of truth
  2. Integration with SAP BI platform (SAP BusinessObjects BI)
    • SAP Lumira Discovery documents can be published to the SAP BusinessObjects (BO/BOBJ) BI Platform allowing reuse of the server and hardware platform that is already in place
    • Reuse and extend role-based security already implemented in the SAP BI platform.
    • Compatibility with other SAP frameworks like Fiori Launchpad and Businessobjects Mobile BI to name a few 
  3. Interoperability with SAP Lumira Designer (formerly SAP Design Studio)
    • Ability to extend SAP Lumira Discovery documents (stories, visualizations and data) into SAP Lumira Designer
    • Incorporate analytical applications built using SAP Lumira Designer as stories in SAP Lumira Discovery
    • Supports several interesting business use cases – e.g. Acquire & prepare data using SAP Lumira Discovery and build visualizations using SAP Lumira Designer, support offline BI scenarios and more (Note: We’ll be addressing Interoperability with SAP Lumira Designer in detail in a separate blog)
  4. Other Factors
    • SDK component ecoss supporting custom data sources and visualizations
    • Ability to connect to flat files, non-SAP databases, Big Data and Cloud apps 

We’ll review SAP Lumira Discovery more in depth in our upcoming series of blogs.

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