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SAP Lumira Discovery – What’s New, Key Features and Enhancements

Aug 22, 2017


This is part of the SAP Lumira Discovery blog series.

SAP Lumira Discovery, part of the SAP Lumira 2.0 release, is the successor to SAP Lumira Desktop (v 1.31). The product has gone through significant changes from an architectural and functional perspective.

Key Highlights:

The 3 key enhancements to SAP Lumira Discovery include:

  1. Integrated UI & Enhanced User Experience
    • Prepare, visualize and compose rooms integrated in one single canvas
    • Intuitive interaction & navigation across the application
    • Contextual menu actions and right-click enablement for all components & workflows
  2. Live BW Connectivity
    • BW online access and analysis through native BICS connectivity
    • Supports business logic and elements defined in BEx Queries
    • Supports BEx Query functionality and features such as hierarchies and variables
  3. Interoperability with SAP Lumira Designer
    • Ability to extend SAP Lumira Discovery stories, visualizations and data into SAP Lumira Designer
    • Consume applications created using SAP Lumira Designer in SAP Lumira Discovery
    • Unlock strong use cases for collaboration, reusability, additional data sources and offline BI
    • Facilitate collaboration between business users and IT developers

Other Enhancements Across the Self-Service BI Spectrum

In addition to the above, there have been several enhancements to the existing features keeping ease of use and flexibility in mind. Following are the other enhancements seen from a perspective of the five steps of self-service BI:

  1. Acquisition: Connection to SAP HANA through HTTP(S) based INA connectivity
    • Supports parent-child and level based hierarchies
    • Merged variable and multiple drill-down options
  2. Preparation: More Filter and Input Control options
    • On-screen filters that can be controlled at chart, page or story level
    • Different type of input controls that extend to conditions and hierarchies
  3. Visualization: Enhancements to charts, maps and tables
    • Enhancements to basic chart functionalities with lots of customization options
    • New cross tab component that can be used to perform in-depth row level analysis
  4. Exploration: Storyboarding and navigation
    • A storyboard canvas has been simplified for ease of navigation and initial setup
    • Reusable conditions, layout and components that improve efficiency
  5. Collaboration: Improved User Experience (UX) and easier home screen access
    • Quick access to data sources and storyboards from the home screen
    • Unified publishing of SAP Lumira Discovery documents to the SAP BI platform

A high-level summary of enhancements to SAP Lumira Discovery provided by SAP is shown below.

SAP Lumira Discovery – What’s New, Key Features and Enhancements
Enhancements to SAP Lumira Discovery (Source: SAP)

Is there anything missing then?

Yes, some features are not available in SAP Lumira Discovery 2.0 when compared to its predecessor. They are:

  1. Options for dynamic text, influence analysis and related visualizations
  2. Predictive functions like linear regression and triple exponential smoothing
  3. Direct Big Data support (here we need to use the SQL option instead)

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