This blog will give you an idea for the effective utilization of BI commentary feature along with the BI 4.x Audit schema.

Commentary is one among the much awaited and exciting feature in BI 4.2 which gives a capability for the business users to collborate at document level. I am not going to discuss about the commentry feature in detail as we already have so many documents available in SCN and I am very much interested to show the internals and background about the commentary feature here.

Configuring Commentary Application in CMC

Configuring Commentary Application in CMC

Along with this if you are interested to configure the commentary in a dedicated database you may required to configure them using JDBC connectivity. Please refer BI 4.2 Admin guide for more details.

Create a dedicated APS for Commentary application (Created as suggested for few known issues reported. KBAs in references section)

Create a dedicated APS for Commentary application

The commentary database comprises of one and only  table called COMMENTARY_MASTER in its schema. All the comments entered in a particular document will be captured in COMMENTARY_MASTER table. You can see the columns available in this table as below.

commentary database

Based on the columns in Commentary master, We cannot simply create reports from Commentary table as we don’t have reference to the document anywhere in it. So I am going to create a Commentary universe by joining the commentary table along with selected tables from Audit schema to get the required information such as document information, Application and user details .

Here is the simplified schema which I am going to use for my reporting on commentary database.

reporting on commentary database

As on when the commentary is added to the report an entry with corresponding document id will be added to commentary database. Please see below how comments added to the report and database table level.

Report with collaborative comments

Report with collaborative comments

Commentry entries in Commentary master table

Commentry entries in Commentary master table

Sample report generated from Commentary universe

Sample report generated from Commentary universe

Few Observations while working with Commentary application

  • When you configure the integrated Commentary database with in Audit database, Commentary master will not be created until there is a commentary created for one document (in Our case is SQL Server).
  • We cannot remove the individual comment from the commentary thread.
  • If you copy the report with commentary in it, Comments will not be copied to the new report.
  • If the Comments in a particular report or the entire report itself deleted from BI platform, the corresponding entries Commentary master will not be deleted in Commentary database
  • When joining the COMMENTARY_MASTER table with ADS_EVENT TABLE we will end up with N:N cardinality. You may end up with Cartesian product result set in your reports.


Limitations and few Known Issues in commentary feature identified so far

2300619 – Comments Service:Database initialization failed (WIS 00081) occurs when add or insert comment
2301365 – SSL not working or you get “Unsupported curve” issue in BI Platform 4.2
2278938 – The Insert comment option is greyed out in WebI
2259270 – BI 4.2: Insert Comment button is greyed out in a Web Intelligence report

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