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Early this year, one of our clients came up with a requirement to customize the SAP Mobile BI app for iOS and that set the ball rolling at Visual BI to come up with our own customized version of the app.

Organizations see customizations as a requirement for several reasons:

  • Brings an in-house application feel
  • There is better user engagement
  • Gives a personalized user experience
  • Helps secure the app according to the organization’s policies

I have tried to cover some of the customizations that are possible through the SAP BusinessObjects Mobile SDK, through this post:

Customizing the Application image and the name:

Customizing SAP Mobile BI App

Customizing the Launch Screen image:

Customizing SAP Mobile BI App

On Application Launch – Online Mode:

Since SSO has been configured here, it automatically logs in to the server and displays our dashboards / reports.

Customizing SAP Mobile BI App

Just like the SAP Analytics Gallery, we can have our very own customized Analytics Gallery – Visual BI Analytics Gallery!

Customizing SAP Mobile BI App

On Application Launch – Offline Mode:
A tailored set of dashboards / reports can be displayed even in the offline mode.

Customizing SAP Mobile BI App

Customizing Connections:
You can set up default connections with login credentials for the production server, making it easy for executives. The Visual BI server is the default connection herecustomizing-sap-mobile-bi-app-connections.jpg”>

Customizing SAP Mobile BI App

The entries in the menu shown below can also be customized.

Customizing SAP Mobile BI App

Tapping on the help icon, will take the user to the Visual BI Help Center.

Customizing SAP Mobile BI App

Video Tutorials:

This was customized to display videos from our YouTube channel.

Customizing SAP Mobile BI App

Apart from these app customizations, did you know we could also do the following ?

  • SSO to BI Mobile Server
  • SSO to VPN, i.e. when the user launches the app, it will automatically login to VPN (Cisco any connect).
  • Mobile Iron configuration

Try them and let us know about your experience. Reach out to us at solutions@test.visualbi.com.

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