2012 saw the global Oil & Gas Capital Expenditure (CAPEX) cross the trillion dollar USD limit [Source:GlobalData]. With many CEOs under mandate to reign in CapEx overruns, it becomes crucial for Oil and Gas enterprises to free up cash for reinvestment and growth. 

A quick analysis of CAPEX figures from the leading energy firms would reveal that Exploration and Production (E&P) accounts for more than 50% of the spend. Processing and refining spend comes next with around 7% of the total. With many oil and gas companies foraying into deep and ultra-deep offshore areas to meet the demands, E&P CapEx is only expected to grow, along with increasing expenditure towards pipeline and transportation.

Register for a FREE Demo – CapEx Executive KPI Dashboards for Oil and GasIn addition to the traditional development costs for installations, drilling, completion and abandonment of wells, innovative methods and technologies are also contributing to a spike in CAPEX. North America leads the pack with 24% of the global Capital Expenditure spend, accounting for about $254 billion.

Oil and Gas Executive KPI Dashboard - CapEx

Oil and Gas Executive KPI Dashboard – CapEx

Needless to say, CEOs and CFOs need to how where and how CAPEX is being incurred, and how to reign overruns and course-correct as needed mid-say.

With Visual BI’s Oil and Gas Executive Dashboards Suite, executives can track KPIs such as

    • CAPEX across various locations and time intervals
    • CAPEX split across various time intervals
    • Remaining Budget and forecasted budget for the coming months
    • CapEx Performance comparing actuals and forecasts
    • And many more…!!

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