SAP BusinessObjects RoamBI is a business application that changes raw business data into interactive graphics designed for mobile devices on the iOS platform such as Apple iPhone and iPad. The application can connect from simple Excel file to business intelligence systems such as SAP BusinessObjects and IBM Cognos along with databases like Oracle, SQL Server and Teradata. It can also connect modern day databases like SAP HANA and Amazon Redshift.

We are going to see the process of Publishing BusinessObjects Web intelligence reports in RoamBI Cloud platform. Here is a simple process flow diagram to represent it:

RoamBI - 1 Flow Diagram

Prerequisites for this configuration

Let’s have a quick look at required components for the ROAM BI – BIP plugin configuration.

RoamBIBI Platform
Administrator access to Roam BI CloudBI 4.x Version
Roam BI Business API Client KeyAccess to BIP Installation directory
Roam BI Script (roambi-api-cli.jar)BIP Administrator access
Users in Roam BI for PublicationBIP Recipient email to be synchronized with Roam BI account
Roam BI ViewRoam BI Publication Extension

High level Steps required for End-to-End configuration for BIP Plugin

  1. Login to Roam BI Cloud and validate your access role (Should have Administrator role).
  2. Configure the Client API for BIP.
  3. Invite BIP users to Roam BI Cloud (make sure you have the required number of licenses)
  4. In BIP, identify the required WebI reports to be used as a source to Roam BI Publication and export the report in Excel format.
  5. Create a ROAMBI report template using the Excel export created at Step 4.
  6. Create a BIP profile with the required universe mapping as profile targets.
  7. Create a BIP Publication with the ROAM BI Publication extension
  8. Schedule the publication to deliver the ROAM BI report to users at regular interval based on their preference.

WebI with Complete Dataset (without personalization)

RoamBI - 2

BI Platform Profile Configuration

RoamBI - 3

RoamBI - 4

ROAMBI report with publication personalization based on state California

RoamBI - 5

RoamBI - 6

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