Data Warehousing is a concept that has been around for a long time and continues to evolve at a fast clip. Enterprises are now looking at building their Data Warehouse into a data platform which satisfies all their needs and are increasingly looking to consolidate their systems and sources.

Companies now deal with massive data volumes , Internet enabled devices , increasing user choices and many more and to try and keep their platforms simple and scalable achieving the above. Factors influencing data platforms range from system compatibility to existing skill sets within the organization.

SAP Business Warehouse has, through the years, kept up with these changes by offering a stable data warehousing platform which was inclusive of the Extraction, Modeling and reporting all within the same data warehousing platform.

Below is an info-graphic on how SAP BW has grown and embraced SAP HANA both as a database and as a platform in itself  providing value to customers and also showcasing the vision of a data warehouse and its capabilities.

By moving to the HANA platform , we have a capable platform for most scenarios thereby setting up the enterprise for a scalable and flexible data platform enabled by SAP HANA.

SAP BW Timeline - Data Warehousing

As we can see, the earlier versions of SAP BW showcased how data warehouses could be built and then improved on that vision through versions and as SAP HANA became more prevalent , BW too started the transition to HANA passing the benefits of the integration by way of faster responses and agile development on a large scale database.

Along with the warehouse platform, the data models too have evolved to take advantage of what the platform provides. Have a look at the evolution of data modeling

BW Modeling evolution - Data Warehousing

It covers only the dominant themes and the same have been shown to showcase how data models have evolved.

In effect, as SAP implements its vision for a grand, scalable and agile data warehouse, existing users are also being looked at to ensure that existing landscapes and systems can benefit from the same instead of having customers start afresh. This is being addressed by giving users incremental updates along the way so they can upgrade their designs and structures to the latest and then finally upgrade to the latest version, and newcomers can come in straight to the latest version.

With these road maps and vision, SAP BW is still in the reckoning for a long term agile, scalable data warehousing platform. We will delve deeper into the aspects of data modeling and how it has changed over time in future blogs.

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