We’re investigating how Fiori fits into the grand scheme of things at SAP and how it is poised to become what defines SAP analytic tools. As SAP moves their front end to HTML5, we are privileged to a grand stand view of the same where we see the updates trickling down the length and breadth of the BI toolset that SAP has. This means a busy year of changes. Let’s look at the changes coming forth and what it means for end users and IT.

BI Platform:

The BI platform moves away from a JAVA world and into a more HTML5 world where mobile capability comes baked in. Expect more stability going forward as dependencies slowly start going towards more open standards and the BI platform also becomes platform agnostic and will run out of the box in Linux, Windows or anything else you can throw at it…

These changes are expected to start rolling out starting in Business Objects 4.2 SP4. Currently in SP3 we can see subtle changes at the platform level which is evident from the multiple fixes and hot fixes that have come out.

Lumira 2.0:

SAP’s data discovery tool is getting a major facelift with a lot of added features and holds a lot of promise and expectations from SAP. Lumira 2.0 is expected to be a game changer in the analytics field by providing a data discovery and dashboard publishing platform with interoperable capabilities.

Web Intelligence:

SAP BusinessObjects’ trusted war horse is getting a complete makeover as well in SP4. The old Blue shades give way to a snazzy mobile friendly HTML5 layout that is expected to make report navigation and publishing a lot more easier and drive usability for Business Objects administrators , developers and end users.

However there is a secret sauce that binds all together. SAP has invested a lot of time and effort into Fiori and pretty soon, it is going to be Fiori everywhere but called by different names. The layout of Web Intelligence and Lumira are very similar in terms of the card layout and given that Fiori is a User Experience designed with the mobile  user in mind, it is going to be exciting times ahead.

Fiori and Business OObjects

As an organization, as the BI platform matures and your landscape starts following lock and step with SAP’s roadmap, Fiori , HTML5 and common UX templates become key words in developing your BI platform to one that is scalable and in tune with your user needs.

Fiori layout

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