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Advanced Gauge charts always remind me of a speedometer that measures and displays the instantaneous speed of the vehicle which always indicates if we are crossing the speed limit and keep us in control. Likewise, the Advanced gauge helps visualize a single value within a given scale as pointed by the needle on the coloured data range or chart axis. This chart type is often used in executive dashboards to show key business indicators.

Now let us look at how to configure this visual in 7 simple steps


Step 1: Assign the Actual and Target value
Assume that we are looking at a supply chain dashboard and need to visualize the On-time Delivery % – compared with our target value.



Step 2: Set the max/min value from the property sheet directly
Once we have the actual and target values of the On-time % is mapped, we could input the minimum and maximum directly from the format tab – Gauge Options.



Step 3: Conditional formatting (Apply to Track background)
This custom visual allows the user to apply conditional formatting providing more insight into the visualization quickly using the advanced editor



Step 4: Data labels
Allows the user to customize the data labels of both primary and secondary values



Step 5: Number Formatting
This visual allows the user to Set the scaling display and customize it, add separators, prefix and suffix values could be added, even semantic formatting is available



Step 6: Axis Formatting
This visual provides more customization option for axis such as reverse axis, Show/hide labels & the ticks within the axis



Step 7: Data & Track Colors
We could set a color theme for both target and actual values if no conditional formatting is added to the visualization, including a needle pointer for the actual values



We have covered the key features of xViz Horizon Chart so far but there is more. To get the latest version of the custom visual, reach out to us here.

This blog has been originally published on xViz website. Click here to visit and know more about custom visuals for Microsoft Power BI.

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