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Parallel coordinates visualization is used to plot multivariate numerical data. The ideal scenario for this visualization is to compare many variables together and seeing the relationships between them. For example, if you had to compare an array of products with the same attributes (comparing a product across different measures such as sales, profit, discount)

Now let us look at how to configure and explore the features of this visual in simple steps.

Step 1: Assign the category (Dimension) and the measured values

Assume that we are going to compare the products across sales, profit, quantity, and discount.parallel-coordinates-chart-advanced-custom-visuals-for-power-bi


Step 2: Axis Formatting

Parallel coordinates Chart allows to customize the position of the axis, reverse the axis, show / hide the category axis and even customize the position of the category axisparallel-coordinates-chart-advanced-custom-visuals-for-power-bi


Step 3: Data Labels

Parallel coordinates chart allows the user to customize the orientations, overlap labels and show background for the labels to highlight the values.parallel-coordinates-chart-advanced-custom-visuals-for-power-bi


Step 4: Number Formatting

This visual allows the user to Set the scaling display and customize it, add separators, prefix and suffix values could be added, even all these features could be customized for each measure.parallel-coordinates-chart-advanced-custom-visuals-for-power-bi


Step 5: Legend customization

Parallel coordinates chart allows us to arrange the position of the legend, even enable the RTL Support, including a title change of the legend name.parallel-coordinates-chart-advanced-custom-visuals-for-power-bi


Step 6: Shared Tooltip

When the tooltip is shared, it is much easier to compare the current hovered value across other measures and even hovering on a category will list all the measure values in the tooltip for that hovered category.parallel-coordinates-chart-advanced-custom-visuals-for-power-bi


Step 7: Utilities Menu

Parallel coordinates chart allows us to export the visualization as PNG, PDF. Even Lasso and reverse lasso could be done.parallel-coordinates-chart-advanced-custom-visuals-for-power-bi


We have covered the key features of xViz Parallel Coordinates Chart so far but there is more. To get the latest version of the custom visual, reach out to us here.

This blog has been originally published on xViz website. Click here to visit and know more about custom visuals for Microsoft Power BI.

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