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Power BI has finally brought in a feature that was much awaited by SAP data users who are also using Power BI for their reporting. Variables are one of the most important functionalities when it comes to end-users to filter their content before and after the report is generated.

To enable this feature, you will need to note that Power BI has some pre-requisites for this to work.

    1. You will need Premium capacity enabled for the workspace where the report/dashboard is placed.
    2. SSO needs to be enabled mandatorily.
    3. Must not have relational view enabled for SAP HANA.


  1. Enable the option for users to consume variables and change them on power bi service.edit-variables-end-users-power-bi-1
  2. Have the new Filter experience enabled.

Let’s now try creating a simple report having SAP variables enabled and consuming the variables in the end. edit-variables-end-users-power-bi-1

Push your report to Premium backed workspace

It is mandatory that we have Premium Workspace for this to work. Once the report is in the workspace, Open it. On the filters pane, we can see the edit variables. We will now be able to see the Edit Variables option in the Power BI Report.edit-variables-end-users-power-bi-1

You will now be able to select out all the variables that are placed with the report provider from the edit variables option in the filter screen.




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