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It is vital to have a performance-optimized dashboard. The new release of Power BI is out with a new feature that helps us in understanding how the performance of the dashboard can be optimized. This feature can be easily toggled on or toggled off based on user need. We simply need to check the below option to enable the Performance Analyzer pane to be opened.


Image 1 – Option Trigger


We should obtain the below pane alongside our dashboard page.


Image 2: Performance Analyzer Pane


1. Start recording to enable the Performance Analyzer to get triggered for our analysis

2. Either select a specific component to be refreshed or click on Refresh visuals to get all details of all components in the dashboard


Image 3- Performance Analyzer Pane Detail


3. The performance analysis is done on three parameters:

  1. DAX Query– The length of time it takes for Analysis Service to run the query
  2. Visual Display –How long it takes for the visual to draw them on the screen (including anything like retrieving web images or geocoding)
  3. Other– Covering Background Processing like Preparing Queries, Fetching result sets

To get a more detail view on the component analysis we have the option Copy querywhich we can paste on a notepad or export the report in JSON format using the Export Option.


Image 4 – Performance Analyzer Pane Detail Full


4. We can review the DAX code to see if any changes can be done to optimize the performance of the dashboard


Image 5 – JSON Image


This feature is currently available only on the Power BI Desktop, and is yet to see more detail insights in the future releases.


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