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In the new October 2019 release of Power BI, we have a visual that has the Q&A incorporated into our reports and Dashboards. Before, the Q&A was just an optional feature that can be enabled on dashboards.

Now we will be able to use the Q&A in our reports directly as a visual. We can also customize the visual with the dimensions and measures on which Q&A is needed.

Themes that are selected on the Power BI Desktop tool for the report canvas will also be reflected in the Q&A visual. The natural language processing is one of the cool features that is now incorporated in Power BI as a separate component.

You also have the ability now to teach new words and meanings to the Q&A visual that the users might use and Power BI might not recognize.

This can be done in the Q&A Setup option as shown below.qa-data-power-bi

We can also view the questions that were asked on this visual. It’s also possible for us to view the date on which these questions are asked. This can be done on the Review Questions tab in the Q&A Setup.qa-data-power-bi

Q&A is also linked with Bing, The Microsoft search engine. Q&A visual is an extremely powerful and useful visual because we are moving towards an era of digitalization with the usage of NLP, ML and AI. Power BI clearly is taking the right step forward with the incorporation of this new visual.


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