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Visual feature in Power BI makes excellent use of Machine Learning and AI capabilities to derive insights about your data. This feature was introduced in February 2019 Power BI release. Key Influencers is Power BI’s first Artificial Intelligence (AI) powered visualization.

With Key Influencers now business users can gain insights on their data further leveraging Machine Learning capabilities. This blog features how to enable this feature in Power BI.

1. To enable this feature, we will need to go to Options -> Global -> Preview Feature and select the highlighted -> Key Influencers Visual.


Image 1: Enabling Key Influencer Visual in Power BI


2. The user may have to close and start Power BI Desktop again for this visual option to be shown on the Visualization panel



Understanding Key Influencers

The Key Influencer is an AI Visual within Power BI. This will have two tabs showcasing the visual’s usage.

1. Key Influencer Tab: This section of the visual will help in understanding the current selection of dimension and Measure performance with respect to the measure’s use. The Key Influencers tab will display a ranked list of the individual contributing factors that drive the selected condition. Let’s say we want to Analyze Sales (in Dollars) based on Store location and Volume Sold (Gallons).


Image 3: Selection Criteria for Key Influencer


Now the AI behind this visual will get triggered to get insights on the current selection of Analyze tab and Explain by scenario. Power BI will help us in understanding the visual that we have obtained by giving us an insight into the metric. For example, let’s say we want to check when is the ‘profit’ high and by how much ‘Volume (Gallons) needs to be sold’,


Image 4: Key Influencer Chart Visual


We will get a clear visual showcasing the scenario and where action needs to be taken. We can also check on what level of volume sold will result in reduced Sales. Key Influencer is an amazing feature and explains the impacting points on a metric.


2. Top Segments: This section tends to announce to the user when the expected profit is likely to be low or high. Segments are ranked based on the percentage of records where the condition is met.


Image 5: Segments in Key Influencer


When we select one particular segment, we will get a detailed insight into it.


Image 6: Detailed View of Segment Value


We can toggle if we want to see Key influence or Segments only. This is achievable by using either of the below which can be found under the Analysis tab.


Image 7: Toggling Key Influencer Tabs


In a nutshell, Key Influencer is an innovative feature that uses Machine Learning and AI to derive Metric or Key Performance Index. We expect Power BI to come up with even more features in its upcoming releases.


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