Security and Localization in Looker

There are commonly two types of information security in BI reporting; Row-level security – This enables filtering of rows of data from a query output based on user authorization. Example : Business users from Sales Division Dallas should only see Dallas Sales....

Fetching Top N Records in Alteryx

In a large dataset, when you want to focus on certain data you can apply filtering/ aggregating/ fetching top or bottom data. Alteryx provides an enormous tool to achieve this data preparation. In our previous blog, we solved one of the weekly challenges to...

Data Tiering Properties in ADSO

In this blog, we are going to see the different data tiering options available with release of SAP BW/4HANA 1.0 SP04 and their advantages. Need for Data Tiering Maintaining large volumes of data in in-memory impacts system performance Data growth proportionately...

How to perform Forecasting in Tableau

Forecasting in Tableau Forecasting acts as a strategic management process to align the goals of the business. Improving forecasting capabilities can in turn leverage the upshot of the business when the imminent progressions inside the organisation are handled...

Looker’s Persistent Derived Tables

Persistent Derived Tables in Looker is one of the unique key features. Many BI software allows us to create derived tables but they are local to that particular software tools. Also when we talk about persistent tables, the first concern everyone raises is the...

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