Why dbt for Snowflake?

First, we will discuss why Snowflake is getting very popular with the enterprises? It acts as a modern cloud data warehouse, data lake, data mart, Open Data Store. It supports various programming languages Python, Java, .NET, node JS, C, SQL Alchemy. Served in many...

Power Apps visual for Power BI

Power Apps allows users to create and publish mobile apps through an easy to use the web-based tool without any coding. This enables non-developers to publish apps for the whole team. Power BI provides integration with Power Apps and now allows users to embed Power...

Leveraging calculation groups in Power BI

Calculation groups are a robust modeling feature in Power BI that reduces redundant measures created by grouping standard measure expressions as calculation items. The calculation group is like a table with DAX expressions for each of the calculation items. Let us...

Tableau 2020.3 – Feature Highlights

Tableau released its latest version Tableau 2020.3 in August 2020 which brings many powerful new functionalities to help users scale up analytics and provide easy access to data. Many improvements to background maps, ask data, explain data, and other areas have been...

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