Set Actions in Tableau

In Tableau 2018.3 release a unique feature was introduced which gave greater flexibility and ease of use for developers and business users to perform complex analysis with just a few clicks. Earlier it was possible to create sets by; Adding dimension values manually...

Macros in Alteryx Designer

A macro is a workflow or group of tools built into a single component which will be available at the tool palette that can be inserted into another workflow. Create a macro to save an analytic process you perform repeatedly. Use the macro within a workflow without...

Unlimited Audit Capabilities in Looker

System and Content usage monitoring is necessary and part of day to day job for any tool administration. In the current trend, organizations are opting to switch their BI reporting tools or interested in having multiple BI tools according to their needs. When a new...

Performance Enhancement in Alteryx

What is In-DB Processing? When handling huge volumes of data, the major challenge involved in moving data out of the source into the analytical environment. This process of moving data in and out of the database is time-consuming and thus it invariably affects the...


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