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Analysis for Office can access the existing SAP Business Explorer(BEx) workbooks and migrate them as new AO workbooks. This can be done in versions of Analysis for Office starting from 1.3 and above. Convert BEx workbooks over into the Microsoft edition, and for most of the reports it is a straightforward conversion unless you have custom coding embedded.

Before you start, make sure you set up your desired conversion mode settings in the AO ribbon Settings menu.

BEx Workbook to Analysis for Office Report – One Click Conversion
  • Convert All – All objects in the workbook are converted.
  • Convert Data Sources and Crosstabs – Data sources and crosstabs are converted.
  • Convert Data Sources Only – Only the data sources are converted.

1.1 Summary and Prerequisites

  • This is not a tool for mass conversion, you can simply open and use the workbook in AO
  • Both BEx 3.5 and 7.0 workbooks are supported
  • Only BEx Workbooks stored in BW repository can be converted using this method.
  • Converts data sources and some of the important design components but does not convert everything in the report.
  • Conversion Logs will be available

Note: AO has different, incompatible API concepts – workbooks with significant customizing need to be adjusted manually

1.2 Server Prerequisites

SAP NetWeaver BW 7.01 SP 11 or higher.

1.3 Procedure

1. Select Convert BEx workbook option from File ->Analysis tab.

BEx Workbook to Analysis for Office Report – One Click Conversion

2. Log onto the BW system by entering your credentials and click on Next.

3. Select the workbook you want to convert.

BEx Workbook to Analysis for Office Report – One Click Conversion

4. Only supported objects are converted and others remain as BEx Objects.

BEx Workbook to Analysis for Office Report – One Click Conversion

Note: You can search for the name or technical name of the workbook or you can select it in a folder. BEx Analyzer workbooks have the following icon in the workbook list.

5. Once you choose to convert, the conversion starts right away. Depending on your selection in the platform settings, the following objects will be converted.

BEx Analyzer ObjectsAnalysis Object
WorkbookWork book
Data providerData source
Item: GridCrosstab
Dropdown boxFilter with Single member selection
Check boxFilter with multiple selection
Radio ButtonFilter with single member selection
Planning ObjectsPlanning Objects
VBA APICustomer specific code is not converted but available in workbook after conversion
Navigation paneNo conversion
FiltersFormula: SAPGetDimensionEffectiveFilter and SAPGetDimensionInfo
TextInfo fields and formulas
MessageFormula: SAPListofMessages
Planning ObjectsPlanning Objects
StyleNo conversion.
ConditionsNo Conversion but available as BEx condition where we can toggle between active and Inactive mode.
ExceptionsNo Conversion but available as BEx Exception where we can toggle between active and Inactive mode.

1.4 Conversion Log

The objects of the BEx workbook are then displayed with the conversion status in three lists: one for data providers, one for planning objects and one for items (all other objects on the workbook).

The list contains the following columns:


The status can be either of the following: Converted, Not Converted or Ignored.


The type of the objects is displayed. Examples are DATAPROVIDER, GRID or NAVIGATION_PANE.


The technical name of the object is displayed.

Data Provider / Alias

The alias of the data provider is displayed.


A message stating the conversion status of the workbook is displayed.

Sheet Range

You can select the sheet range to go to the object in the workbook.

BEx Workbook to Analysis for Office Report – One Click Conversion

Option: Refresh Workbook, you can select the following options:

  • Always – The workbook is always refreshed after conversion
  • Never – The workbook is not refreshed after conversion.
  • Use Workbook Settings – The workbook is refreshed after conversion if the corresponding property is active in BEx Analyzer.
BEx Workbook to Analysis for Office Report – One Click Conversion

Setting – Conversion Log. You can select the following options:

  • Disabled – No conversion log is created.
  • Create on New Visible Worksheet – A log is created and displayed on a new worksheet.
  • Create on New Hidden Worksheet – A log is created and stored on a hidden sheet in the workbook.

Option: Show Save Dialog after Conversion

If you select this option, the Save dialog is displayed after the conversion.

BEx Workbook to Analysis for Office Report – One Click Conversion

After the conversion, the converted workbook is opened on Analysis for Office. You can save the newly created workbook to any platform viz., SAP Net weaver Platform, SAP BI platform, etc., and go ahead with your analysis.

In Summary, the one click conversion option allows us to migrate and convert the available BEx Workbooks in your systems to AO Reports and perform any kind of simple or advanced analysis with Analysis for Office.
Most of the elements are automatically converted, but there are a few components that needs manual efforts as described in the blog.

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